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Tutorial : Wanaseoby
Inspiration : Izyan & Ziera
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Hi ex :)
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I used to be the one who checked your Facebook 10 times a day. I used to get jealous when other girls post on your wall. It used to kill me when you i saw you like another girl's picture. I used to type your name in my phone, and write a message for you but then have to force myself not to send it bcause i knew you won't reply it back. I wont forget our memories. Your photos and our sweet conversations always be in my phone. I'll never delete it. I think about you everyday. I'm still waiting for you. I DONT KNOW WHY. You're the one who broke my heart, the one who made me cry everyday and yet im still in love you. I dont now why im being so stupid to fucking in love with you. I love you more than you will ever know..

 Dear future girlfriend,

        Treat him okay. He always act tough around his friends. But its just an act. Laugh at his jokes,even
when they aren't funny. It makes him happy :)  Never be the one to let go of his hugs first, it puts a huge       smile on his face. Always hold his hand when he reach for it. It makes him feel he owns you. And realize you have a great guy when you're dating him. Because he's one of the best i ever had.

his ex girlfriend.

And so i wait.
Thankyou so much for hurting me. Iloveyou